Unsolved mystery is a collaboration between three escape rooms. During the corona crisis, we had to close our doors, but doing nothing is not in our nature. Instead of letting our guests come to us, we bring our story to the guests. Many zoom calls, phone calls, and apps have led to our first mystery.

Unsolved mystery is an escape room game for at home but in an event form. The teams that sign up play all at the same time. We think this will give an extra dimension to the game. How? You’ll find out when you play along.

break out room den bosch


Let’s play a little escape at Breakout Room Den Bosch. A super exciting game where the challenge is to escape from one of the rooms within 60 minutes. Breakout Room now has 2 rooms, Se7en and The Bloody Dentist 2.0. The Granny they had until last year is now being converted into a whole new room. So keep an eye on this.


Escape Room Schagen has 2 unique rooms, in which the love for Escape Rooms is really apparent in the original puzzles and the beautiful decor. Space Lab has a unique hint system and can also be played like a battle. In The Chocolate Factory, you really feel like you’re in a candy world and can enjoy some of the delicious sweets.

Curious? Plan a visit when we are open again and experience it for yourself!

escape room schagen
team trapped venlo


When watching a movie, you can sit back, relax, and unwind. The opposite is true in an escape game. There is not a second to lose while time passes slowly. Team Trapped has 3 rooms, The Blind Tiger, The Attic, and The Resistance. The latter has just recently opened in Venlo.